Speak now or forever hold your peace

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Many admit that speaking seems not their cup of tea. Whenever they are expected to talk, they seem to be rattling.  Perhaps because of four things.

1. Run out of ideas – It is the worst feeling when you are asked to say something about the topic yet you do not have any idea about it. For example, a person is asked to discuss globalization, if he has no knowledge about it to start and end it might be very impossible.

What to do: Read something every day. Find a way to improve your knowledge. The famous quote from George Washington, to be prepared for war is one of the most effective means of preserving peace. While you are still not confronted by this situation, read as many as you can. You really do not have to be expert of it, your little knowledge will be more than enough.

 2. Run out of words – Some people have the ideas but because there are no enough words to explain it, the difficulty is the same with not having any idea about the topic. Your words are your bullets. Even how good your weapon is meaning your ideas, if these are not put into context it is still useless.

What to do: Memorize 5 vocabs a day, not 10 just 5. It would be useless to memorize a number yet if these are not practiced would still be forgotten. Make sure to also identify the specific parts of speech of the vocabulary you are trying to learn, they can be noun, verb, adverb, adjective, pronoun, conjunction, and interjection.

 3. Fear of committing mistakes – To be judged as wrong is a frightening experience to some people. Because mistake has an accompanying fear of rejection, the person anticipates to be rejected as soon as errors are made. It goes without saying that a person makes a mistake it is believed that instantaneously he or she is rejected.

 What to do: Be ready to make mistakes, only when we make mistakes we can really test our understanding on certain topics. Who is perfect, anyway? None! Overcome your fear by facing your mistakes. The best people do not fear mistakes instead they face it with confidence. Speak even if mistakes are foreseeable, only then you can overcome your fear.

 4. They criticize others easily. – Some are negative to people when they hear them making mistakes in their answers, in grammar and pronunciation. So they think the same when people hear them saying wrong things, intentionally or unintentionally.

What to do: Change your views about people. When they make mistakes, understand them. Blame it to their circumstances not totally about them. Their mistakes should not define who they are, after all who does not make mistakes. By believing on this, they may also think the same about you if you have uttered wrong answer, grammar and pronunciation too. Pay it forward.

Speak now!

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