Shazzz our angel

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Shazzz, an eleven year old lady, lady because in spite and despite of being young she was acting fivefold her age. Sometime last year, I heard that she was struggling with cancer, I felt really bad about it. When she was introduced to our church, I felt the pain more looking at her innocent face to be suffering at such a young age.

This sweetheart is very closed to my heart for some apparent reasons, she reminds me of my niece whom I took care for a time. They are almost of the same age, and height. Like my niece, she was fond of talking to people. Another thing, because she was superbly nice to her family. She was one responsible daughter and sister. I heard she was in charge in budgeting their money, and taking care of her younger siblings.

Whenever I saw her in church, I would find time to talk to her. She seemed to be very optimistic in life. You wouldn’t feel at all she was ill. Except when I saw her weeks ago that almost all her body parts turned jaundice, I knew then she was critical. When I heard she had to undergo a blood transfusion I was part of the many who wanted to help her. I had my blood type checked together with my husband just to make sure we were prepared to donate. Unfortunately, I and my husband were both not qualified.

Fast forward, for how many weeks now I was told a good news that prognosis was improving. I was hopeful. I tried to contact her nurse who happened to be my friend to confirm it (supposedly inappropriate for a nurse to squeal it, but he was nice to give me the details), I was a bit positive because my friend said she had improved a great deal after blood transfusion. But my friend told me, she would be needing blood if ever she would undergo a surgery. Thankfully my brother in law was willing to donate but he was advised, it is no longer needed. When I asked my brother in law about shazz, he said shazz looked fine although still yellowish. That news greatly culminated my night. I was excited to see her in church. I thought she was recovering because she was even advised to be discharged today.

But I saw the post an hour later, she is now in heaven. Shazz, to me you’re an angel. You will definitely be missed. Your life’s courage was contagious. You fought a good fight. Thank you Lord for Shazz life. Her life was an opportunity for us to become better Christians. Many wanted not just to share their blood but even time, both help and effort were noticeable up to the last moment. Thank you Lord for the privilege of serving your angel. We entrust to you wholeheartedly her loved ones.

Before and forever, we entrust to you our lives, Lord.

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