Do me a favor Dad!

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Do me a favor dad…..

Some men believe that pregnancy, are a mostly female affair. In a way, they think their role consists simply of looking or appearing interested before the baby comes out and sees the world. And for a father-to-be, it seems that for them, it is logical to think that being a father starts when the baby comes out – No!no!no!

Looking at it, soon-to-be-the-father, you are half the cause your partner is now pregnant. Consider this, for nine months your wife will be carrying YOUR BABY! You must assume your role…as demanded of you. You wouldnt want your wife to regret marrying you because you must know she married you because she believes undoubtedly you can be a good dad.

But I understand that in most cases fathers feel the world is going to consume them the moment they realize they become fathers. While, its a good news for many, some cannot simply manage the pressure and tension accompanying with it. To fight this anxiety, many daddies-to-be use the best coping mechanism typically to appear very interested or the opposite, stonewalled.

Imagine your baby telling you, Dad will you do us (mommy and me) a favor:

Here are few things you can do to help get her through pregnancy:

1. Go to all her Obgyne’s appointment. – Going to the doctor sometimes entails fear that there might be something wrong or a serious business will be discussed..Husband, being physically there for your wife seems to give her so much comfort that is what she perfectly needs. It is also an ssurance that she is not alone in this 9-month of strange feeling and awkwardness.

2. Be the first to understand her mood swings. – This is a temporary feeling, and your wife surely doesnt have any control of this unexplainabe emotion. What is making her crazy are her hormones, not you. No matter what she says, particularly the negative ones, she doesnt mean for sure.

3. Be a good foodmate, indulge her cravings. – Too many pregnant women have a very extreme taste for food. Just when they finish eating sweets, they will ask for a sour food.
They, themselves do not understand this unpredictable taste bud. As a partner, you must be the one who should assure her that her cravings are normal for an expected mom and that you will eat with her.

4. Offer the occasional foot massage – Oh my God! Not only that her upper body is swelli ng, but also her lower extremeties are inflammed. This is more apparent in the last trimester esp. that weight gain is also at its best…Future dad, your touch must have an anti-inflammatory relief (even if its just a placebo effect)

5. Take her to dinner or to the movies, particularly at the very last trimesters- You will never be just a couple again, once the baby has come out. Try to be the most sweetest guy by far,..someone who is incomparable.

And…After following these pieces of advice..imagine, your child saying..well done, dad!
You have just become an ideal father at the same time a husband by simply taking care of Mom! Lucky me (your child)!

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