I’m scared I’m pregnant

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Pregnancy and its deep seated fears



From the day that second strip appears on the pregnancy test, expected mothers tend to be a worrier. Upheavals seem to be part of the language day in and day out of the mommy-to-be, complaining about the weather when all this time she has been exposed to the same weather. Sometimes making the minute thing turns to be a big thing. However, this is conclusive and be summed up to one phrase — this anxiety is brought about by fear.

Fear of the unknown for those who do not experience it. But for a parent like me, I know exactly my fears. Being frightened of so many things at the same time aggravated by flimsy jokes that are supposed to be not taken seriously. Since I have become pregnant, my husband will fondly call me a walking pregnant onion skin. I was very sensitive and upto now I am still. I always feel that jokes seem to be directed to me but perhaps this is because all the while I pamper the idea that once a woman becomes pregnant she will be a laughing stock. Call it crazy but sometimes for no reason at all I get pissed of with the people around me.

Blame it to hormones, that is what you will frequently hear. While these fretting moments should be stopped, these must first be recognized. One can hardly understand what she is going through but this is a normal thing and must be understood in order for a woman to feel much more secure.

Unexplainable Fears:

1. I will be very big and heavy in the next months to come – Admittedly, it can happen especially that appetite seems to be very good at the beginning of the first trimesters. Hence, the idea of having a human being in the belly cannot help you thinking you must feed and consume two meals.

But my Ob-gyne told me, you must think that you are only feeding for 1.2 (1 adult and .2 baby). Surely, that made a lot of sense I constantly remind myself about this and I believe this controlled my intake. Now, many are surprised that its only a month from now I will deliver my first baby yet my belly seems to be small.

2. My husband will begin lusting after every female with a sexy body – Not unless, you give him the reasons to fall out of love I believe it could happen. Many say, men will be attracted with women but its the character of woman that will make them stay. Guys, dont like insecure ladies.

Make sure you still dress attractively. Sexiness is not limited to being slim and light, it starts from the person’s personality.

3. Will my baby be normal? – This sounds not true but I think every parent experiences this delimma to the point of even going through all the diagnostic procedures to test if child has complete fingers, toes and if the palates are refined.

In most cases, abnormalities are due to congenital problems and how mothers live healthily during pregnancy. While the former is unmodifiable the latter at least can be best avoided if soon mommies will only watch out their lifestyle during pregnancy.

4. I will not have a sex life – While this is true to some women who have pregnancy related problems to avoid preterm labor or early delivery. Several Ob-gynes will tell you overall, you can enjoy the pleasure of sex up until the last month of pregnancy except sucking the nipples when she is in her last month, this should be avoided. Yet, if you have a normal pregnancy with all liberty you may indulge in this God’s gift fantasy.

5. I might die during delivery- Just because a human being is going to come out, mothers exaggerate the feeling to the point of thinking death as an inevitable event. One must realize ob-gynes have for sure undergone multiple and reliable trainings and surely its not out of luck that they become specialists. Trust and obey to physician’s order all the time.

While these are few of the very common anxieties of the mom-to-be, the best thing a husband can do is to acknowledge these fears and know that these fears can only be resolved if mommies are reassured of attention and love during pregnancy. But more than anything while pregnant the soon mommy should live with faith and prayers nothing can reassure a woman than the unconditional love of one superior being.

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    Awesome and inspiring piece sister!!! Kaw na talaga ang reviewer ng IELTS!!! LOL Love your writing and the way you are reaching out to people who go through the same delimma! We are all looking forward to your safe delivery and I for one, is so proud of you for writing this beautiful piece to share to others! Happy and safe delivery my beloved sister!=) with all our love!

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