The day I found out, I was pregnant!!

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For a week, I was irritated to anybody. I felt I had to worry about something and I couldnt point out what it was exactly to be angry about. My husband was always my spillage. Aside from that, I was feeling unhealthy inside and I believed I was sick. I went to the doctor and complained what I could complained about…I took some antibiotics. I was well already yet nothing had changed with the way I dealt with people.

One night, I was trying to find solitude at the comfort room when my other half knocked and handed me a pregnancy kit. I was reluctant and asked him, what was this for?….He didnt say anything and he looked unaffected with my cold treatment towards him. He simply smiled and appeared to be teasing me. I was obedient despite his actuation, I followed the instructions and tested if I was positive for HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) — and Yes, I saw two lines.

So I’m pregnant. Congratulations to me!! Time to shift gears. I was embarking to a new journey from a youngest baby girl in the family to becoming a mother myself. The journey would last for 9 months and I couldnt imagine how my appetite would change as well as my whole body. Life will never be the same for sure, but this experience should be taken more of an adventure rather than a challenge or an adversary.

Now, what to do when you discover it:

1. Start modifying your diet – Try to be a vegetarian and fishitarian. Dont let your doubt persists, you can do it. Surely, you want a big baby outside not inside. Take caffein, chocolate and other sweets moderately. Avoid processed foods with nitrates and nitries or salitre ( e.g. sausages, luncheon meats and smoke fish), honey (it contains botulinuim spores), raw foods (sashimi, sushi, eggs and caesar’s salad), herbal teas, alcohol, marijuana and even cigarette.
You are what you eat! Avoid too much seasoning – simplicity is the best!

2. Prepare for any weight gain – Sometimes even how you avoid gaining extra weight, your appetite changes, you will have extreme desire for food. This is perfectly normal, all mothers went through this. You are a mother yourself, so dont be an exemption.

3.Exercise while you are pregnant – Swimming at the pool can be the best option. You will feel weightless and water tends to relax your body. During my six months of pregnancy I was still running on threadmill. But, remember too much of something is bad enough.

4. Look for any pregnancy apparels – Looking best despite of any weight gain can only be achieved through appropriate dressing. Always feel good about yourself, start dressing more comfortably and loosely,.

5. Dont be Negative! – Stop thinking my baby will be abnormal, I will definitely gain weight and my husband will cheat on me. stoppppp!!! You dont want to attract this negativity, do you? In any situation, its always best to be positive instead think otherwise.

A month from now, I will be a mommy! I never feel so excited in my whole life compared to how I am feeling right now. Much more is to transpire when I give birth.

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    Conrats tita mama! Finally posted! Hehehee

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    wow, congrats mam sha. Best Tips 😉

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