Avoid unnecessary expense, get MARRIED!

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To avoid unnecessary expense, get married!

While many avoid marriage because they feel tied up. Others think they have no longer control of everything and life will never be the same once they enter into marriage. They end up saying, it is never a wise option…

Well, definitely! Life will never be the same because you both are going to be wiser… Why?

PRIMARILY, when two people are married most of the time they are more motivated to perform best because another person is dependent on them. Totally opposite when they are single. Oftentimes, if a husband works as an engineer at the same a contractor he will for sure find all the means to get a project to increase their revenue. Or even if that person is a regular foreman he will be determined to acquire more jobs to double his income. So, both work but the wage received is fourfold because of the desire to acquire more they expand their sources of income. This is the beginning of your journey to becoming stable.

SECONDLY, when you are married friends or families would know that inviting you to a party will not be as easy as when you were a single. Now, they have to invite your partner too which of course they will reconsider the idea that an additional member would mean an adjustment also to their part. So, they wont insist and you are now spared from engaging to unnecessary entertainment. We must know that this spending can be unknowingly too much. This may even sliced a huge portion in your budget since this is not even part of the basic needs yet now your option is to just say no and they will understand you.

THIRDLY, if you were known to be a generous giver when you were single. Now , if you are invited even if you give just a card or an ordinary present they will surely understand. Well, because they feel being married is expensive thats actually their reason for keeping themselves single. They assume specially those friends who are single you are on a strict budgeting. They will understand. So, again you are free from any lavishing.

FINALLY, if you and your partner go to church religiously you both will grow as a person and that any priorities are set. You will seriously consider accurate budgeting and proper spending. Moreso, when you have a child when they grow up to be in the church he or she will be away from materialistic friends who only chase on what’s new and what’s hot. You and your kid will not settle for what is in because church will constantly teach contentment and simplicity. Again, money is spent wisely.

I know this analogy is highly ambitious…but wait till you both become part of this legal institution.

This simply makes you frugal..Imagine you can be thrifty at the same time your friends will perfectly understand you..

Now, who would say getting married is a difficult thing…no, its not and its even the wisest thing a person who is on the right age and mind to marry the person he truly loves to start earning and be rich!

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