Backpack to Hong Kong

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Backpack to Hong Kong

Travelling is such a wonderful experience. Someone gets to see other beautiful things aside from what he sees in his home country. But most third world countries, the expectation can be too minimal. Well, except if you have plans to visit Hong Kong the impression is totally unexpected. With its expansive skyline and truly gifted deep harbour, tourist is mesmerized.

Going to Hong Kong should always be part of the itinerary. ONE perfect reason to visit the place is the opportunity to regress childhood memories and so Hong Kong Disneyland calls for your name. ALSO, the unbeatable modern architectural designs will surely catch your attention. Not to mention, the shopping malls where most can be bought in wholesale prices.

I travelled once and I wish someone has said this to me. Keep this in your backpack!!

TRAVEL LIGHT….( I think this is true all the time whoever one becomes a tourist) When you go there you must travel light. You will be walking most of the time. You dont want to drag yourself the whole time with a heavy luggage. A scenic view can only be enjoyed when one solely concentrates on appreciating fancy real time images.

MIND YOUR FOOTWEAR…Best gear is just flat shoes or slippers. Travelling entails a lot of walking. One good scenery maybe just adjacent to another worthy to see spot. Make your feet very comfortable to move along.

WEATHER IS A MUST…Another significant concern is that you have to check the weather. Its a great consideration because unlike the other countries in Asia, this place reaches upto 9 degrees celcius in temperature. Too cold for a place in the South, huh?!

ACCOMMODATION MATTERS MOST.. forthly, your accommodation should be paid attention to. Hong kong is expensive if you dont know the hidden cheapest hostels. While others say, its not necessary since most activities are done walking wholeday you deserve a nice bed to rest to gear up yourself for the next days journey.

BRING AS MANY TRAIL FOODS AS YOU greatest concern is the food budget. If you have been living in a place where food costs not much of a penny, this tourist place will just surprise you. Most foods arent that cheap. Bring biscuits, canned goods and water if you can.

Now if you reach Hong Kong the first thing you do is to PURCHASE AN OCTOPUS CARD..Octopus card is your plastic money to reach places. Aside from its very cheap to use, this plastic card is acceptable for any mode of transportations( boat, bus and train) only except taxi cabs. Just buy a $100 Hk load plus a deposit of $50 hk which you can refund before departure.

Its a good place to visit but do not visit the place unprepared. Just five things to make your visit more worthwhile. Now, you are up and about.

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