Speak now or forever hold your peace

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Many admit that speaking seems not their cup of tea. Whenever they are expected to talk, they seem to be rattling.  Perhaps because of four things. 1. Run out of ideas – It is the worst feeling when you are asked to say something about the topic yet you do not have any idea about […]

Filipinos do not always want to change

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“I’d like to buy this piece of cake, how much is this?” I asked. It’s 110 pesos only. So, of course, I took my money and gave my 120 bills. I purposely bought it because I wasn’t able to eat anything yet and I felt my head was aching. Without reluctance the cashier asked me, […]

Don’t Say Bad Words

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I heard a mother and a child walking while talking. The lad mentioned my breast is painful. Mother was surprised and said don’t mention a bad word. What was a bad word there?…And some kids would say their organs as birds. Can they not call it penis? What part of the dictionary or glossary does […]

Talk to me Later!

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HIGH SCHOOL DAYS Talking in class was always part of my usual routine. In English? Yes..in perfect English? No..like anyone else I was more of a trying hard copycat of the native speakers. While many of my teachers considered me a laughingstock because I cared less about my grammar yet because I spoke it with […]