Do me a favor Dad!

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Do me a favor dad….. Some men believe that pregnancy, are a mostly female affair. In a way, they think their role consists simply of looking or appearing interested before the baby comes out and sees the world. And for a father-to-be, it seems that for them, it is logical to think that being a […]

I’m scared I’m pregnant

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Pregnancy and its deep seated fears     From the day that second strip appears on the pregnancy test, expected mothers tend to be a worrier. Upheavals seem to be part of the language day in and day out of the mommy-to-be, complaining about the weather when all this time she has been exposed to […]

The day I found out, I was pregnant!!

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For a week, I was irritated to anybody. I felt I had to worry about something and I couldnt point out what it was exactly to be angry about. My husband was always my spillage. Aside from that, I was feeling unhealthy inside and I believed I was sick. I went to the doctor and […]