What can you find here?

Pretty much anything under the sun! This is not just a blog site but also includes my work portfolio and contents relating to my current job. Little by little, I will be able to populate this site with useful information relative to English language since I’m an IELTS reviewer. If you have anything in mind, I’ll be glad to know.

The other side of this site could probably be related to delicious food that is just within our reach, places that I’ve been to, new friends gained 🙂 and some lost 🙁 and much more.


A collection of video slideshows from different occasions such as birthdays, holidays, promotions and other video presentations. Includes the software, plugins or soundFX that we used in generating effects. I suggest one should start using less complicated applications to more advanced programs.

Photography is becoming more and more popular due to perhaps the trend of social networking sites. It’s just my own little share of captured moments, static imagery and dynamic freeze or whichever way you want to call it. The thing is you can see a number of people carrying digital cameras (I may be one of them) some are small and others are bulky wrapped around their neck.

I guess nothing’s get better than my own craftiness from my bread and butter in which I am currently spending most of my day conducting review on IELTS (International English Language Testing System). Through time and experience, I was able to provide useful hints and tips to master the reading, listening, writing and the speaking proficiency.

Migrate to Canada!

1st is the job preliminary qualification.
Applicant’s current occupation must be included in the current NOC list or the National Occupational Classification list.

2nd is the assessment in pointing system based on applicant’s age, education, experience, adaptability and language skills (IELTS).The passing mark is 67 points.

3rd is the final review of documents, given that all necessary requirements are already at hand. Then, submission of all application forms to the Canadian Government and wait for the Canadian Immigrant VISA, normally within 6-12 months. Bon Voyage!

About Me

I listen from my heart, I am deaf to people who are too critical of others and even of themselves. I don’t read minds but I am sensitive about what others feel. I discern when they can be offended and not.  I speak a lot. I tend to speak tactfully. I recite what I think is right. But most importantly I write. I write out myself. Indeed, I am what I write.